BoosterMedia to bring ‘MobaSoccer’ success-game into Europe

By August 14, 2013News

BoosterMedia has entered into a partnership with Mobcast Global Inc. to bring their highly successful MobaSoccer football game to the European and Brazilian markets. MobaSoccer, originally launched as ‘Mobasaka’ in Japan and Korea, is a football-management game, featuring the real names and faces of over 2000 professional footballers from teams all over the world. Currently, the game services 600.000 monthly active users in Japan and 300.000 in Korea.

MobaSoccer is fully HTML5 based and can be played directly via any mobile browser. BoosterMedia will help Mobcast localizing MobaSoccer for the Western game players and will distribute it via its mobile games channels in Europe and Brazil. Mobcast, founded in 2004, is listed at the Tokyo Stock Exchange and is Japan’s leading platform for mobile sports games.