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Working at CoolGames

Meet your future colleagues

Check out these interviews with our colleagues about how it is to work in the games industry and what makes CoolGames an innovative, open and especially fun place to work!

Benefits for you

At CoolGames you will have the opportunity to work with world-famous IPs and contribute to games that are played by millions of people across the globe.

Next to competitive salaries, we offer you a variety of benefits: good health insurance coverage, a pension scheme, transportation coverage and the option to join our stock-options plan. And for overseas expats we can actively help you with the administrative steps and practical hassles of starting-up your life in Amsterdam!

From Amsterdam to the world

CoolGames Amsterdam is headquartered in a 300-year-old canal house in the city center. Today, Amsterdam is one of Europe’s leading cities for online businesses and digital entertainment. Our successful international growth and global ambitions are reflected in the team: at CoolGames you will find around 50 colleagues from more than 15 different countries and diversity in backgrounds.

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