BoosterMedia launches, the primary resource for HTML5 game development

By May 16, 2013News

Amsterdam (The Netherlands) – May 16, 2013 – BoosterMedia, the leading HTML5 games distribution network, has introduced an initiative to stimulate the further development of the HTML5 gaming ecosystem. The new website aims to be a primary resource of information for technical game developers and anyone who’s interested in the business behind HTML5 gaming.

Over the last months, HTML5 has clearly gained momentum, with two new HTML5-based mobile operating systems being announced: Tizen and Firefox OS. An impressive list of blue-chip names have put their weight behind them, including companies such as Samsung, Intel, Qualcomm, NTT Docomo, Telefonica, Huawei and Vodafone.

Major progress was made in the field of gaming too. Epic Games announced that the next release of its Unreal Engine supports HTML5. And 12-year-old MMO success-story Runescape is embracing HTML5 browser-based technology for its upcoming new release.

“HTML5 is quickly gaining ground as a viable platform for games developers”, says CEO and Founder of BoosterMedia, Laurens Rutten. “Apart from the recent announcements of some Triple-A players, there is already a vibrant community of hundreds of smaller HTML5 game developers, providers of development-tools and game-engines.”

As HTML5 is a relative young technology, the ecosystem is not as well developed yet as for native iOS and Android games. Rutten said: “With this initiative, we want to provide a platform to everyone with an interest in HTML5 gaming. We see the concrete results from hundreds of third party games and from our in-house studio every day. With, we will provide a sneak peak into our kitchen on a regular basis.”

Posts on are now open to public comments and new contributions from various HTML5 gaming experts will be added in the next weeks.