Keesing Games activates Zigiz brand on mobile

By June 8, 2011News

Keesing Games, the Netherlands-based gaming company and part of Telegraaf Media Groep, has recently launched a mobile portal for its Zigiz gaming brand. The portal is powered by BoosterMedia and provides a variety of casual games that appeal to Zigiz’s core 20-40 year old female audience.

Keesing Games and BoosterMedia also plan to introduce a diverse slate of browser-based mobile social games that connect to various social networks such as Facebook. As the games are added to the portal, they will offer Zigiz users an array of social features that personalize and enhance the gaming experience.The Zigiz mobile portal is currently localized for Dutch and English-speaking audiences with the release of other language versions coming soon. The portal supports the latest iPhone, Nokia and Android handsets, many older feature-phones and a growing list of new devices and tablets. Experience the portal on any mobile device via