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CoolGames is on a mission to reshape the mobile games experience. In the cloud gaming era, games can now be played instantly and shared among billions of people, straight from the cloud without the need to download the game first.

No matter if you are playing games on social media, messenger platforms or websites. CoolGames is dedicated to developing and distributing the very best cloud-based HTML5 games for every player around the globe today.


Keesing Media Group acquires CoolGames to expand into casual games and new game platforms
Amsterdam, July 6, 2023 – Today Keesing Media Group, the world’s largest puzzle and braintainment company, has announced that it acquired CoolGames, a leading games developer of high-quality casual games...
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Zynga and CoolGames Partner to Launch Farm Merge Valley on Facebook Gaming
AMSTERDAM, November 2, 2022
San Mateo, CA and Amsterdam – November 3, 2022 – Zynga Inc.(Nasdaq: ZNG...
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CoolGames partners with Snap to bring Hasbro’s Battleship to Snapchat
AMSTERDAM, June 30, 2021
CoolGames partners with Snap to bring Hasbro’s Battleship to Snapchat AMS...
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MONOPOLY Sudoku is now live on Facebook Instant Games!

CoolGames is combining the two forces: CoolGames’ successful Sudoku game with Hasbro’s #1 IP MONOPOLY! The game features all the fun elements of MONOPOLY into the gameplay of Sudoku and its metagame. Build houses, hotels and even towers, or beat your friends with your income and collect chance cards while playing Sudoku puzzles. Do you have the puzzle skills and entrepreneurial mindset to become a billionaire? Find out for yourself!
MONOPOLY Sudoku is developed by CoolGames’ in-house studio, requires no download and is instantly playable on Facebook Instant Games.

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LINE Sudoku

Now available on LINE QUICK GAME!

As one of the first international publishers CoolGames has been asked to join the newly launched LINE QUICK GAME service of LINE Corporation, the leading messaging app in Japan!

CoolGames has developed a customized Sudoku game, based on its existing Daily Sudoku that has been successfully published on many other platforms before. With the game, users can unlock a series of new Sudoku’s every day, while gradually improving their experience and ranking on LINE leaderboards. The game also features several popular LINE characters, including Brown, Cony and Sally.

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Angry Birds

Angry Birds, play a one-on-one game of Angry Birds right from Facebook Messenger!

CoolGames and Rovio Entertainment have globally released Angry Birds for Instant Games by Facebook. It is the first time players get to enjoy the slingshot experience in Facebook Messenger with their friends, as multiplayer edition of the world famous Angry Birds Classic game arrives to Messenger.

CoolGames was global launch partner for Facebook Instant Games in November 2016 and has released many successful games for this platform since.

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