Secrets of success for voice gaming

Amsterdam, October 29, 2020 – People who joined Google’s developer event on 8 October learned about all of Google Assistant’s new platform features. We are delighted Google highlighted our voice assistant game, Guess the Drawing as a successful use case during the event.

People love voice assistants because they make everyday activities like gaming more fun. Google is committed to creating memorable experiences with voice assistants that engage people and they can trust on Google Assistant.

At Google’s event, Niranjan Kumar of Google invited our co-CEO Laurens to talk about the impact of voice on gaming.

In their video interview Laurens predicts voice control will be a common feature in many more game platforms to come. He also explains how the CoolGames team created Guess the Drawing. Check out the full interview below.

We were thrilled when Google chose us to develop voice control games for Google Assistant. Guess the Drawing has been live since July. Horizontal Crosswords launched earlier this month.

People seem to really love the games we made for Google. Google are also enthusiastic. Niranjan says about our partnership, “We love collaborating together and I think that was our goal as well.”

CoolGames brings voice-controlled crossword puzzles to Google Assistant

AMSTERDAM, October 8th, 2020 – Google has chosen CoolGames to develop the first voice-controlled crossword game for Google Assistant.

Horizontal Crosswords, a uniquely designed crossword game for Smart Display devices, such as the Google Nest Hub is available today. Games for Smart Display devices take full advantage of the screen in combination with voice and touch controls for instant, easy fun.

With Horizontal Crosswords, puzzle fans can solve fresh crosswords with various difficultly levels, every day. The game lets players say the correct answers or navigate through the words by giving voice commands. When all the horizontal crosswords are correctly resolved, a vertical solution word is revealed.

John Hsu, Product Manager Google Assistant at Google, says, “We are thrilled to bring such a popular puzzle genre into the living rooms, kitchens and bedrooms of the Google Assistant user community.”

CoolGames developed the game in close partnership with Google and Keesing, the largest puzzle and braintainment company in Europe.

Laurens Rutten, founder and co-CEO of CoolGames, comments, “Word games and crosswords have been among the most popular puzzle-genres for more than a century. Played by millions of people every day, via puzzle books, newspapers or mobile apps. It’s a logical step to now also be able to solve a word game by natural spoken language.”

Horizontal Crosswords is now available in English. Other languages will follow soon.

Philip Alberdingk Thijm, CEO of Keesing, reacts, “Keesing aims at following consumers and allowing them to consume our content in the way they want, when they want it. Through this exciting new partnership with CoolGames and Google we take a next step in our digital strategy and offer our fun puzzle content through the new Google Assistant games platform.”

Just this August, CoolGames launched its first voice operated game Guess the Drawing for Google. The game lets players guess what’s being drawn on the screen, as quickly as they can. More voice operated games are planned for the near future.

CoolGames releases multiplayer Storm Skaters for Snap Games

AMSTERDAM, September 15, 2020 – Today CoolGames globally released Storm Skaters, a real-time 3D multiplayer skater game, available exclusively on the Snap Games platform.

Storm Skaters is a fast-paced action game, letting players skate against each other on a flying hoverboard. The goal is to stay ahead of the approaching storm, while avoiding obstacles and traps left behind by other players. The first player reaching the finish line wins the match.

The game ties into Snapchat’s social ecosystem and enables seamless play with friends, or random players when no friends are available. Storm Skaters can be launched instantly from a conversation within Snapchat, without the need for downloading the game first and get connected through account-linking, as is needed with mobile games from the traditional app-stores. Snapchat found that friends playing together spend more than double the time as when playing with unknown random players.

“Although we have released multi-player games on other platforms before, we’re thrilled that Storm Skaters is our first real-time multi-player game in full 3D and uniquely aimed at Gen-Z, Snapchat’s core audience”, said Laurens Rutten, Founder of CoolGames. “It shows how HTML5 has matured as a cloud technology for games over the last years. We’re already looking at developing more titles for this platform and the Snapchat community.”

Snap’s Head of Games and Entertainment Partnerships John Imah said: “Our focus has always been collaborating with developers to create fun social game experiences our community can play with friends. CoolGames has demonstrated an excellent example of this by developing our newest Snap Game, Storm Skaters. We’re really looking forward to continuing to grow our partnership together.”

Storm Skaters is now available for Snapchat users worldwide and can be started from the game launcher within Snapchat.

10 years of HTML5 games: mission accomplished?

AMSTERDAM, August 20, 2020 – It has been ten years since Steve Jobs wrote his now infamous letter to Adobe, announcing that he Flash would never be allowed on the iPhone. Instead, Jobs embraced HTML5 as the open technology of the future.

In his keynote for the White Nights conference, Laurens Rutten, Founder and co-CEO of CoolGames, takes you on a journey of ten years of HTML5 games. Laurens will discuss the main HTML5 distribution channels in the market today, explains what differentiates them and will take a short peek into some of the newest HTML5 game platforms.

Voice game Guess the Drawing launched for Google Assistant

AMSTERDAM, July 31st, 2020 – Today CoolGames and Google launched Guess the Drawing, a new voice operated game uniquely designed for Smart Display devices, such as the Google Nest Hub.

Games for Smart Display devices take full advantage of the screen in combination with voice and touch controls for instant, easy fun. Guess the Drawing lets players guess what’s being drawn on the screen, as quickly as they can. They just need to say the correct answer or navigate through the game by giving voice commands.

The game features new drawings every day, in various difficulty levels. With Party mode, multiple players, for example different family members, can compete with each other simultaneously. Laurens Rutten, CEO of CoolGames says: “It has been a great experience working closely together with Google on our first voice operated game! As more and more people will have smart assistants in their living room, kitchen or bedroom, we believe voice operated games will become a natural additional to playing games via other platforms.”

View the official launch-trailer of Guess the Drawing here.

For more examples of games for Smart Display devices, check here.

CoolGames and Aardman team up on cloud-based gaming partnership

AMSTERDAM/LONDON, April 29th, 2020 – Amsterdam-based gaming company CoolGames today announces a partnership with Aardman, the UK based multi-award-winning animation studio, to bring various HTML5 games of Shaun the Sheep to casual cloud-based gaming. Production of the first game has already begun and will be available within the foreseeable future.

Robbert Hoogstraten, Head of Business, of CoolGames: “We are proud to bring Shaun the Sheep to our family orientated audience across the world”

Adam Vincent-Garland, Senior Product Development, of Aardman: ” Our global audience is always looking for new and exciting ways to interact with the world’s most famous sheep. We are excited to work with CoolGames to welcome Shaun the Sheep into this fast-growing interactive world.’

Samsung US and CoolGames team up to let users play casual games directly from the Samsung Internet Browser

Samsung US and CoolGames signed a partnership to provide high-quality games across + 100 MLN households in the US via their stock browser. (Samsung) With this cooperation, Samsung joins the growing roster of partners that entrust CoolGames to bring their gaming brands to a mobile audience. The first games releases are; 10×10, Jewel Academy, Daily Sudoku and Classic Solitaire. More games will follow.

CoolGames strengthens leadership team

AMSTERDAM, March 14th 2019 – Today CoolGames announced that it has enforced its leadership team by two additions. Jop Pollmann has been appointed as Executive Chairman, joining Founder and CEO Laurens Rutten in the day-to-day management of the company. Additionally Mark Overmars became Chairman of the CoolGames Supervisory Board.

Jop is an angel investor in CoolGames from the start and acted as its first Chairman. He has a background in law, marketing information, media and fashion in the roles of CEO as well as COO. Over the past 15 years, Jop kept executive roles in private-equity backed companies, realised growth, exits, successful, turn-arounds and reorganizations.

Mark Overmars has a long standing career in the games industry. He played a key role in the Dutch game education and game research and is the original creator of Game Maker, one of the most popular development tools for 2D games. In 2011 he was named one the 50 most influencial game developers in the world by the GameDeveloper magazine. He was also one of the founders of Tingly Games that in 2016 merged with CoolGames.

CoolGames launch-partner for LINE QUICK GAME

AMSTERDAM/TOKYO, June 28, 2018 – Today, LINE Corporation, the leading messaging app in Japan, announced its upcoming LINE QUICK GAME service. With LINE QUICK GAME, LINE users can play games instantly from within the LINE messaging app, without the requirement to download the game first from a traditional app store.

As its first title for LINE QUICK GAME, CoolGames has developed a customized Sudoku game, based on its existing Daily Sudoku that has been successfully published on many other platforms before. With the game, users can unlock a series of new Sudoku’s every day, while gradually improving their experience and ranking on LINE leaderboards. The game also features several popular LINE characters, including Brown, Cony and Sally.

“We are excited to bring a version of one of our most popular games to this new platform”, says Laurens Rutten, Founder and CEO. “With our focus on high quality games for messaging platforms, it’s great that we can now also offer great game experiences to the millions of daily users of LINE.” LINE QUICK GAME will be opened up to game players in the summer of 2018.

All new multiplayer Angry Birds lands on Facebook Messenger

AMSTERDAM, May 8 2018 – Today CoolGames and Rovio Entertainment have globally released Angry Birds for Instant Games by Facebook. It is the first time players get to enjoy the slingshot experience in Facebook Messenger with their friends, as multiplayer edition of the world famous Angry Birds Classic game arrives to Messenger.

“It has been a unique experience for us to work on this famous title together with Rovio” says Laurens Rutten, Founder and CEO of CoolGames. “The first multiplayer version of Angry Birds Classic to this new games platform, while pushing the HTML5 technology to provide a game experience one would expect from native apps.”

As Instant Games is based on HTML5 technology, Messenger users can instantly share and play against friends without the need to install a game first. The game brings various game-modes and different levels and will be updated with many new social features in the upcoming months.

’We are excited to launch Angry Birds for Messenger‘’ noted Heini Kaihu, Head of Puzzle studio at Rovio ‘”Angry Birds for Messenger, featuring asynchronous multiplayer, is a brand new take on one of the most successful and loved mobile games of all time. Expanding Angry Birds to Facebook Messenger is the next step of introducing Angry Birds to millions of new fans.”

CoolGames was global launch partner for Facebook Instant Games in November 2016 and has released many successful games for this platform since.

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