Freelance Game (Economy) Designer

By January 22, 2024Jobs

Job Description:

At CoolGames, we are looking for a Freelance Game (Economy) Designer who balances & maximizes the combination of the player experience, long term engagement & economic health of our games. Working remote is possible.



  • You have experience in game economics, analytics, and game design.
  • Up-to-date knowledge of the free-to-play game market, both web-based and mobile.
  • FTP gamedesigner / multiple casual game genres
  • Shipped at least 2 games
  • Experience 3+ years
  • Experience in economy design
  • Experience in game systems design
  • Experience in difficulty balancing
  • Experience with running events (working on a live product)
  • Deconstruct and analyze mobile games, mechanics and monetization strategies.
  • Manage and optimise use of different currencies.


  • Working together with other game designers and Product owners on both new and existing game IP’s.
  • You will be responsible for game design and for managing all systems that will encourage the player to invest in a game in order to enhance her gameplay experience & long term engagement.
  • Balancing virtual in-game products – identifying needs, relationships, life-cycle and availability.
  • Manage pricing – create specific price point roles and implement selling strategies for key consumers.


  • Commercial mindset
  • Quickly iterate and verify design ideas/Familiar with prototyping
  • Collaborative, supportive, and compassionate, pro-active & curious



Working remote is possible

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